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Currently ranked 3rd for in the nation for ballroom

and highly acclaimed in jazz, ballet, hip hop and musical theater. Legacy Dance Studio offers quality dance instruction at an affordable price. We offer sibling discounts, multi-class discounts, Class Mom discounts, and others. We are the most affordable studio in the valley and our instruction is top notch. We teach a variety of styles including ballroom, jazz, hip hop and musical theatre for ages 2-17. Our teachers are highly qualified and focus on teaching correct technique and performance skills. We emphasize a family friendly atmosphere with modest costumes and clean lyrics. Our dancers have achieved national titles and recognition. Our passion is dance - we will make your child shine!


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We have been working hard on plans for next year. We had a great year at nationals and learned a lot throughout the year. We have discussed ideas back and forth with many parents and teachers and feel we have come up with some really good and reasonable (and exciting!) plans for teams for next year. Below is a break-down of everything so far. It is still not set in stone but I wanted to get this information out early as you are making your decisions about next year and considering many things.

Thank you dancers for being so wonderful to work with and part of our ballroom program. We feel we will have an even stronger year next year with our teams and will continue to progress and grow! Thank you for your patience throughout this year and hard work and dedication. Our dancers are amazing! As you know in the majority of the syllabus events Legacy was the most represented studio / school. Often times the majority of the final were our students, as well as the majority of the semi-final. We are so proud of our dancers and feel we have built up a strong program of teams, individual coaching, and overall a progress-conducive environment, not to mention that the kids are all great friends and get a long so well! They are forming lasting friendships and learning many great life lessons and values.

We also have plans for many new medleys for the teams next year, all with an upbeat and competitive style. Also lots of costuming ideas are being worked on :) Hopefully all the below info will help you in making informed decisions (sorry it is so long). I have to say, after recovering slightly from nationals, I am already excited for next year. This is just the beginning of great things to come!

One other note, for those that also participate in jazz, ballet, hip hop and ballet teams - we are working on consolidating the schedule so you are at the studio fewer hours, and in most cases, done earlier in the day. Jazz teams will be consolidated, in nearly all cases, to just 2 days a week. Tue and Thu will be the majority of the jazz, hip hop, ballet and ballroom classes. Ballroom teams will be done by 6pm on Tuesdays so in case anyone has Tue mutual they will have that open (preteen teams will be Thursdays only). Wed evenings as always are left empty. Mondays will be jazz technique / production dance rehearsal / some ballet and musical theater. All will be done on Mondays by 6pm (except Musical Theater by 7pm). Hopefully this also helps in your decision-making. A full schedule will be posted shortly of the Fall classes. Attached is the current "tentative" version.

BALLROOM TEAMS 2014 - 2015


No partner necessary to audition. You will be taught a short syllabus American cha cha routine and American foxtrot routine and will audition with those routines. In auditions we will determine which age category you will be accepted into (PeeWee, Preteen, Jr or Adv). Then we will teach a routine in the 6-week summer course (required for Preteen & Jr teams) and after the summer we will determine if you will be on the A or B Teams. It is possible to be on Latin A team and Standard B, or vice versa, just as examples, or both A or both B.

Ballroom Teams next year

Homeschool Teams (2 teams, one preteen, one Jr age, mostly recreational)

i. Wed 1-2pm (1 hr)
ii. 2 dances for Winter Recital, 2 dances for Spring Recital
iii. compete one dance in Spring
iv. coaches: Julia & Nicole

PeeWee i. Thu 6-7pm (1 hr)
ii. 1 dance Winter, 1 dance spring
iii. compete 1-2 dances in Spring
iv. coach: Nicole

Preteen B Team i. Thu 5-7pm (2 hrs) - Nicole
ii. 1 hr technique, 1 hr choreography
iii. 2 dances Winter, 2 dances Spring
iv. Competitions: PHS, UVU, Gotta Move
v. Coach: Nicole

Preteen A Team i. Thu 4-6pm (2 hrs) - Julia latin, Sterling bllrm
ii. Total 2 hrs / week
iii. Maybe add Saturdays in January
iv. Latin medley & standard medley, 1 showdance piece
v. Competitions: PHS, UVU, BYU, Gotta Move
vi. Coaches: Julia & Sterling

Jr A i. Tue 5-6pm (1 hr) - Julia latin, Sterling bllrm
ii. Thu 6-8pm (2 hrs)
iii. Total 3 hrs / week
iv. Add Saturdays in January
v. Latin medley & standard medley, 1 showdance piece
vi. Competitions: PHS, UVU, BYU, Gotta Move
vii. Coaches: Julia & Sterling & Nicole

Jr B i. Tue 5-6pm (1 hr)
ii. Thu 5-7pm (2 hrs)
iii. Total 3 hrs / week
iv. Add Saturdays in January
v. Latin medley & standard medley, 1 showdance piece
vi. Competitions: PHS, UVU, BYU, Gotta Move
vii. Coach: TBD

Advanced i. Thu 8-9pm (1 hr) - Sterling
ii. 1-2 dances Winter, 1-2 dances Spring
iii. Competitions: Gotta Move (compete 2 dances)
iv. Coach: Sterling

- Homeschool 29/mth
- PeeWee 34/mth
- Extreme 49/mth
- Preteen 49/mth
- Jr teams 64/mth
- Adv 34/mth

$45 recital fee, $15 costume rental per class
$30 recital fee for siblings
$0 recital fee for 3rd sibling

Competition fees expected to be slightly lower for ballroom next year.

Probably no choreography fees this year since we will do all choreography during class time and will not bring in any guest choreographers this year.

Private lessons
All highly encouraged to get a competitive partner (Preteen A, Jr A, Jr B required - this can be discussed on a case by case basis as needed)
No technique classes required for those with competitive partner
Technique class for Extreme only Thu 5-6pm (choreography 6-7pm)
Floor fee for lessons $10 / hour ($5 each person)
Coaching cost for our coaches ranges between $30-40 / hour (split between the two partners)
Private Lesson Coaching recommendations
Standard / smooth - Sterling / Nicole
Elem latin syllabus - Julia
Jr syllabus latin, open rhythm or latin - Gio
Sasha workshops once a mth
Practice rounds offered for free

**We feel strongly that working with the coaches in their expertise area will create the strongest and most competitive dancers possible. We already have very competitive dancers but I know we can be even better! This strong base will also prepare dancers faster for going into Open categories and continuing to be highly competitive and preparing them for scholarship and college team opportunities, if they are interested in that.

Fall - mall show, winter recital
Spring - mall show, spring recital, summer showcase
Other notes
Dress code will be enforced including wearing ballroom shoes
Hair back / out of face for class
Personal attire requirements
i. Latin skirt, white leotard for competitions (if doing syllabus), black leo, tights, latin shoes, Jr girls will also need standard shoes
i. Latin pants, black long sleeve button down shirt, ballroom shoes
Jr A and B teams include ballroom conditioning & fundamentals of technique. Then the majority of class time is working on medleys and showdance pieces. Preteen A (and possibly Preteen B), Jr A and Jr B teams will compete at nationals in 2015.

Note: the discussion has been brought up as to whether being on a studio team, high school team, BYU team, etc. has an advantage when it comes to getting a scholarship into BYUís ballroom dance program, or UVUís program. It is good to note that BYU tends to diversify their scholarship awarding process to various programs and does not exclusively give out scholarships to those on their youth teams. In other words, they tend to choose the top students from a variety of programs, such as Extreme, Timpview, Provo High, Pacific, etc. etc. Therefore, being on a studio team does not create necessarily a disadvantage when it comes to getting a scholarship, which is a huge motivator for progressing in ballroom. Just some food for thought. :)

We hope to see you at auditions!

Special Recognition to our Competing Teams & Students

BYU National Ballroom Dancesport - Legacy Dance Studio now ranked 3rd in the nation for ballroom!
Logan & Brinnli - national champions on Jr Foxtrot/cha cha (1st place out of over 100 couples)
Brendan & Samantha - national champions in Jr Newcomer Swing (1st place out of over 100 couples)
Fanga & Teresa H - national champions in Elementary Newcomer Swing (1st place out of 179 couples)
Other ballroom national finalists in their categories: Nick & Hailey, Samuel & Caymien, Alexis & Fanga, Samuel & Ahlia, Karla
Alexis & Fanga - elementary foxtrot/cha cha 1st place UVU
Medley Ballroom "Conga" Preteen Team - 2nd place BYU Nationals, Division 1
Jr Home-school Ballroom Team - High Gold & Top Overall Novice Score of the Dance America competition
Janessa & Aimee duo - 1st place & Highest Overall score for solos/duos in the intermediate category at the Logan competition
Aisha solo - 1st place & Queen ranking, Gotta Move comp
Aimee & Nephi duo - 1st place & King/Queen ranking, Gotta Move
Intermediate Ballroom "Footloose" - 1st place, Gotta Move & 1st place Provo High ballroom competition
Intermediate Ballroom A - Judges Choice Award, Gotta Move
Trio Ballroom - 1st place, Gotta Move
Hot Shots - 1st place, Highest Overall Novice Routine, Gotta Move
Intermediate Ballroom B - 1st place & Highest Pointe Novice Ballroom Routinem, Gotta Move
Dance Force - 1st place & highest Overall Jr Team, Gotta Move
Pearls (lyrical) - 1st place, Gotta Move
Excel "For Caitie" - 1st place, Gotta Move
Excel "Calabria" - 1st place, Platinum Ranking, Highest point senior age routine, Judges Choice Award, Highest Overall Score Open Routine, Highest Overall Intermediate Scoring Routine, Highest Overall Score of the entire Gotta Move competition.